Human Chemistry Project [SOUL]

Beyond personality and preferences, can we study the complexity of human interaction, connection and compatibility at the soul-mate level? Value Judgment Patterns are unique to every individual. No two people are alike yet personality tests or match-making apps often limit their matching logarithms to very few options. What if value judgment can help us understand the infinite complexity and uniqueness of human connection, and how we relate to some, not to others, or why opposites attract and why they don’t? Help us study this phenomena! Join the SOUL project!

Research (JUPER) Judgment, Personality And RELATING BEHAVIOR.

Open: Access JUPER here

 [Same study, without judgment]  Interaction and Relating Behavior: Access RELSO here

Research (VADM) Value Judgment, Decision-Making Style.

Open: Access VADM here

Access the following ongoing studies through links provided:-

Procrastination & Decision-making (DECIDE)  – Access DECIDE here

Critical Thinking, Evaluation and Judgment – Access CRI.JUD here

Leader Ethic, Thought and Judgment – Access LETHAJ here

Personality  – Access JAP9T here