On this page, you will find links to supplemental tests and assessments currently used for different research studies.




Judgment and Thinking Profile

Judgment assessment for objective and subjective thinking patterns, decision-making, choice-making, critical evaluation and integration. Two lists for ranking social and self appraisal, Approx. 20 minute time burden.

HVP Judgment Profile



Value-Judgment and Decision-Making Style

Judgment assessment for decision-making style. Approx. 20 minute time burden.

Judgment and Decision-Making



Supervisor Survey.

Provide your rating of your supervisors’ communication, leadership and judgment. (14 Questions – Approx. 2 minutes)




Self Survey.

Provide a self report on your own sense, character and judgment. (12 Questions -approx 2 minutes time burden).




Personality Survey.

36 Question select choice questionnaire, situational and personality temperament. Approx 7 – 10 minutes time burden.